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After waffling for months I've installed Firefox 3 on my development machine and am regretting it, because the new Firebug is sucking my will to live. Flakiness aside--it's not catching basic syntax errors--there's a whole new layer of UI all over everything, and it's making me THINK.

Please, can somebody tell me the series of choices I need to make to get Firebug to behave exactly the way it did--just show everything all the time, please, and quit bugging me to re-POST to get results in my Net tab--before I upgraded?

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Just to clarify, you're using 1.2.0a21X? –  Oli Oct 1 '08 at 17:07

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Progress ... smart co-worker pointed me at about:config for part of the answer. I toggled extensions.firebug.allowDoublePost to true, restarted Firefox, and the Net tab quit asking me to re-POST.

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