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I want to use bootstrap style apply in fosuserbundle registration form.and the login cant overriding,but because of registration form use "{{ form_widget(form) }}",so I can't overriding it,I use symfony2.2,I also test use form theme,like this

{% block form_row %}
{% spaceless %}
<div class="control-group">
    {{ form_label(form, label|default(null),{ 'attr': {'class': 'control-label'} }) }}
    {{ form_errors(form) }}
    <div class="controls">{{ form_widget(form) }}</div>
{% endspaceless %}
{% endblock form_row %}


in form template the code is

{% form_theme form with '@user/form/fields.html' %}
{% trans_default_domain 'FOSUserBundle' %}
<form action="{{ path('fos_user_registration_register') }}" {{ form_enctype(form) }} method="POST" class="fos_user_registration_register form-horizontal form-box">
    {{ form_widget(form) }}
        <input type="submit" value="{{ 'registration.submit'|trans }}" />

but it output this

  |form action="/register/"  method="POST" class="fos_user_registration_register form-horizontal form-box"|
        |div id="fos_user_registration_form"|
            |div class="control-group"|
                |label for="fos_user_registration_form_username" class="required"|用户名:|/label|
                |div class="controls"|
                    |input type="text" id="fos_user_registration_form_username" name="fos_user_registration_form[username]" required="required" /|    
            |div class="control-group"|
                |label for="fos_user_registration_form_email" class="required"|电子邮箱:|/label|
                |div class="controls"|
                    |input type="email" id="fos_user_registration_form_email" name="fos_user_registration_form[email]" required="required" /|    
            |div class="control-group"|
                |label for="fos_user_registration_form_plainPassword_first" class="required"|密码:|/label|
                |div class="controls"|
                    |input type="password" id="fos_user_registration_form_plainPassword_first" name="fos_user_registration_form[plainPassword][first]" required="required" /|    
            |div class="control-group"|
                |label for="fos_user_registration_form_plainPassword_second" class="required"|确认密码:|/label|
                |div class="controls"|
                    |input type="password" id="fos_user_registration_form_plainPassword_second" name="fos_user_registration_form[plainPassword][second]" required="required" /|    
            |input type="hidden" id="fos_user_registration_form__token" name="fos_user_registration_form[_token]" value="622a4c73bfc48b4944c5b97ff4fc46c7fa8e9e91" /|    
            |input type="submit" value="注册" /|    

its not what I want,so what I can do for it?thx!

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Give it a try with: FOS User bundled moved the documentations to docs.

edit: updated link

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your link is not valable anymore. Any other information about how to solve this problem? – Alexis_D Aug 12 '15 at 9:24
updated the link @Alexqxs – Darkbluesea Aug 13 '15 at 10:36

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