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I have an MVC4 web page that I want to show page generation times in milliseconds. To help with code re-use, I have created a PageHelper static class, which I want a 'StartTimer' method, and an 'EndTimer' method. StartTimer returns void, and EndTimer returns a TimeSpan.

Because a few pages can used in a single 'page hit', I am putting the StartTime into a Session[] variable.

public static class PageHelpers
    public static void StartPageTimer()
        var StartTime = DateTime.Now;
        Session["StartTime"] = StartTime;


    public TimeSpan StopTimer()
        var EndTime = DateTime.Now;
        TimeSpan duration = (EndTime - DateTime.Parse(Session["StartTime"].ToString()));
        return duration;

The problem I face, is that the Session doesn't seem to be available in this class.... Is there some form of Context or something, which I need to pass to the class?

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Please refer this article.

How to access an ASP.NET Session object inside a static function

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You may use System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Session[].

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