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MSVC visual c++ allows you to right click on an #include directive header file (.h) and select to "open document". This makes browsing source code a breeze as it turns an entire source code tree basically into a hyperlinked website. Is this convenience available with emacs? Is there another apparatus that allows browsing source code, any code you write, any project create, so automatically? Does Xcode have it? Does eclipse? Does anything?

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C-c C-o which runs the command ff-find-other-file is what you are looking for. It will open the included file when the point is on the #include line.

Googling for emacs code browsing reveals ECB (Emacs Code Browser), as well as How can I best do source code browsing inside Emacs? and code browsing, refactoring, auto completion in Emacs.

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Yes. And Xcode has open "callee/caller" and vim has something called typing gd but cedet is applicable to it. And eclipse has 'open declarations' and code::blocks has 'open header file'. I think MSVC and windows are going to be clicked into the trash bin. –  user108754 Apr 7 '13 at 6:57

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