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I am using glade to make my .ui files and then using GtkBuilder I am loading that whole .ui file in my C program, so all the widgets and stuff are created from the builder files itself.

Earlier I had been creating widgets only from the code itself, hence allowing me to pass any type of data to the Callback since the second argument is a gpointer variable and I could anytime create a pointer to a custom made structure and pass any type of data to the callbacks.

But now to connect to the signals I am just using this simple function :

gtk_builder_connect_signals(builder, NULL);

where builder is a pointer to GtkBuilder.

This connects all the signals mentioned in glade file with those of function defined in the .c files without having any provision of passing user_data other than that of Widgets (which themselves can only be defined in glade.)

Can anybody tell me a solution so that I can pass any type of data to my callbacks. I don't want to leave glade since it saves lot of my time, hence I would not like to switch over to traditional way of creating widgets by code only.

An example using both g_connect_signal() and gtk_builder_connect_signals() would be helpful. In this case which one to call first to override signal connection.

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You can call gtk_builder_get_object to retrieve any widget created by Glade given the widget's name. Then you can connect the widget to the signals with the usual g_connect_signal API. The drawback is that you can no longer simply "mention" signals in the glade definition.

The other way is to also use gtk_builder_get_object to get the object, but to call g_object_set_qdata to associate the necessary user data with a GQuark key known to you. Your callback can then pick up the user data from the widget using g_object_get_qdata with the same key. This has the advantage that you would still be using gtk_builder_connect_signals.

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