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I am working on pthread in C++ using visual studio 2008. I have a problem because the compiler does not find . I knew that it was embedded in C++ 2005. Do i have to install the library and add it manually or it should be installed with C++ default libraries? If i have to install it, please give me the url.
Hani Almousli

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Microsoft has a page on creating threads in Visual C++ .NET or in Visual C++ 2005:

How to create threads in Visual C++ .NET or in Visual C++ 2005

This might be of some help?

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I can't find any reference that says that Visual C++ ever included a POSIX thread library. Perhaps you were using a third-party library, like this one.

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pthreads is not included in C++ nor visual studio. It's the threading system/library usually found on unix systems.

If you want pthreads for windows, go to

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