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I want to set a JVM argument to some WebLogic managed servers. This arguments are same on all servers. (-Dconfserver=

I know how to set it on a single server (in console "server start" tab), but there's 10+ managed servers and they are on different machines. I don't want to repeat the console operation or edit the start shell script for 10+ times . Is there any better way to set this for all managed servers?

WebLogic version is 10.3.6 (11gR1)

Many Thanks.

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if you don't want to access each server individually.

you can shutdown the admin server.

then edit the config.xml file in the Admin Server only.

And add this argument to each <server-start> in that file.

then start the Admin Server, and restart the servers and they will get the new configurations.

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Actually what I want is how to "select multiple argurment targets". It seems there is no way to do that. but your answer is good:) To copy <server-start> 10times is still quicker than setting each server in weblogic console. Thanks. – user2218067 Apr 13 '13 at 11:31

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