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need help with implementation on recognizing characters from a image. for example i have enter image description here

how to recognize 142 489

1. to make images for every digit, map 0 -> [images like 0], 1 -> like 1... and so on.
2. to make only lines of image, i mean
enter image description here

and compare with images in case 1, or with "skelet" in case 2. how to implement one of this methods? using Aforge in c#;

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While this is an interesting question, I don't think captchas were meant to be recognized by computers. –  Corak Apr 7 '13 at 9:33
Captchas make me feel I'm not human anymore: my first guess for the first character would be l (small L). There are several pitfalls when recognising (pixel-)images as alphanumeric: different fonts, high visual similarity for characters. So for words you can use at least a dictionary, but even that cannot give you a clue on the context if there still is an ambiguity. TL;DR use an existing solution or spent the next years reading academic papers. –  mbx Apr 7 '13 at 9:48

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This is not a trivial problem so you may be better to examine an existing implementation like the .NET wrapper for Tesseract.

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