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Can I separate bits inside bit vector declarations to better differentiate them? For example I have a 32 bit instruction like:


As you can see it's not as easy to look at is as with just 8 bits. So I want to write something like:


Tadaaa! much more readable. Is there a way to do this in VHDL?

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In a bit-string-literal and decimal-literal the underline character '_' gets removed and does not affect the value.

So writing 0000000_00000_000_0000_00_0 or "0000000_00000_000_0000_00_0" is allowed.

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Thank you :) this i exactly what I was looking for quite a while now. –  user1893652 Apr 7 '13 at 18:16
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Something else to consider is the & operator, used to concatenate several elements, even of different datatypes (with suitable conversions of course):

sig <= some_top_bits & "00" & some_other_bits & to_unsigned(some_integer, 4);
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