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Consider the differential equation $y^{\prime}=y-2$ with initial condition $y\left(0\right)=1$.

a) Use Euler's method with 4 steps of size 0.2 to estimate $y\left(0.8\right)$

I know how to do this by hand; however, I have maple 12 installed and was trying to figure out how to do this with Maple, and then make a graph showing each step of the function. Any suggestions. I have tried looking on mapleprimes, but it keeps pointing me to functions for newer versions of maplesoft, which I don't have.

I posted this question to use as a model, because I have solved this problem by hand and it will help me edited it for other differential equations.

ps. I hope this is the proper place to ask this question, if not please tell me where would be a better place.

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sys := diff(y(x),x) = y(x) - 2;
IC := y(0) = 1;

sol := dsolve({sys,IC}, numeric,
          output = listprocedure,
          method = classical[foreuler], stepsize = 0.2):
yest := eval(y(x),sol):

for i from 1 to 4 do
end do;



for i from 1 to 4 do
end do;


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