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In Windows LoadImage API loads image to the memory.

FreeImage (http://freeimage.sourceforge.net) is a cross-platform library for loading and saving images, but I want to use functions like LoadImage in Windows, that do not depend to any external libraries like FreeImage.

Is there any native functions in Linux that load and save images without using external libraries?

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No, there isn't. Loading and saving images is really not the job of an Operating System kernel like Linux. A kernel manages memory, IO and CPU resources, and that's it. Everything else should be done by user-level code.

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Linux is a kernel, it's not even an operating system really. There are no libraries in there to help you with stuff like this.

Within Windows it's actually the same, except that Windows includes a load of libraries by default.

If you want something similar on Linux, you'll have to install some libraries too.

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