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On a news-site, the client wants me to implement a way to share a story (just a link, really) via Email, facebook and twitter.

I could write some code for each sharing-method, but it seems very likely, that some sort of service or library would exist, that shares the current url to different services. Maybe even with some tracking on what is shared - for statistic purposes.

Does such a service or library exist?

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Check It supports many services. I looks like this preview.

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You can even use other images if you want... – Seb Oct 18 '09 at 22:53

AddToAny is a similar service the already suggested to AddThis. Cannot give you pros/cons between them.

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Lots more options out there.


Gigya Wildfire

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easiest way would be just to include a URL that then sent the user to facebook. In otherwords, forget the Addthis.come and use these:


<a href="[url to share]&t=[title of content]">link or image</a>


<a href="[url to share]>">link or image</a>

Good luck

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