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I'm using a JMeter with JMS Point-to-Point sampler, and I've a MQ queue with listener port 2222 (non standard 1414). JMeter retrieves queue connection details from IBM WebSphere Application Sever by Provider URL, and connection factory class: com.ibm.websphere.naming.WsnInitialContextFactory

My question is: How to define that port number in to JMeter plugin? Because I've got in JMeter logs messages about trying to create connection to 1414?

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Try going to:

Start by adding the sampler JMS Point-to-Point to the Point-to-Point element (Add --> Sampler --> JMS Point-to-Point). Then, select the JMS Point-to-Point sampler element in the tree.

and than set the property:

Provider URL     tcp://$HOSTNAME:$PORT
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