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am testing matlab to c/c++ code for my school project and i dont know how to use the generated c/c++ code and static library inside visual studio, my matlab function is as simple as

function c = simpleProduct(a,b) %#codegen

and i used matlab coder to generate c/c++ code(static library) for my win32 project but the thing is it generated a lot of files other than what am looking for which was simpleproduct.c, simpleproduct.h , simpleproduct.lib but instead i get this.

simpleProduct.lib  ------- my static library.
and others...

but the thing is when ever i used the simpleProduct.h, and call simpleproduct function like this

real32_T value=simpleproduct(10,10);

it gives me this error. even adding the .lib file for the linker. why is this happening?

Error 1 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "float __cdecl simpleProduct(float,float)" (?simpleProduct@@YAMMM@Z) referenced in function main  c:\Users\serakpc\documents\visual studio 2012\Projects\matlabCoder\debugger\Source.obj  debugger

plus i would appreciate if someone help me on configuring matlab coder for windows OS generic PC. for example what do u recommend me to use for the "code replacement library" and "devise vendor" under Hardware Panel

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It is possible that (10,10) in your call is treated as integers and the compiler is looking for a function which takes integers. Try casting this to float explicitly or use 10.0. –  Navan Apr 9 '13 at 17:45

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the solution is , check generate matlab code only and create a static project from scratch and compiling the generated code using visual c++. i find this solution in some forums and it works. i think matlab compiles the libraries for linux.

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