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First sorry about my english i will do my best to explain. I recently started a project what will use heavy javascript, specially lot of ajax calls and ajax manipulations.

For example lke

  • facebook style dropdown notification
  • lot of different ajax forms
  • like button
  • follow button
  • image manupulations and uploads

I made similar with jQuery back in time and jQuery is the only library i know yet. But i was eyeing with AngularJs studied a lot about it and i am likeing it.

I was searching for Laravel + AngularJs tutorial but did not find any useful information for my answer.

So when i use jQuery for example, and i would like to retrive data from an attribute, or sending a form, i have to give it a class or id, but angular uses controllers.

So my question is it okay to mix the controllers with the view?


<?php echo  Form::open() ?>

    <?php echo  Form::label('password', 'Password') ?>
    <?php echo  Form::password('password', array('class' => 'span4')) ?>
    <span class="help-block">5-12 characters.</span>
    <?php echo  $errors->has('password') ? $errors->first('password', '<p class="validation-error">:message</p>') : ''?>

    <?php echo  Form::label('confirm_password', 'Confirm password') ?>
    <?php echo  Form::password('confirm_password', array('class' => 'span4')) ?>
    <?php echo  $errors->has('confirm_password') ? $errors->first('confirm_password', '<p class="validation-error">:message</p>') : ''?>

    <div ng-controller="PhotoCtrl">
        //on image change preform auto upload

    <?php echo  Form::button('Sign up', array('class' => 'btn btn-block btn-success')) ?>

<?php echo  Form::close() ?>

So in the above code what i posted, you see the ng-controller, mixing the 2 this way is good or bad?

Thank you

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and yes it's fine to use those together, but sometimes you might want to consider writing a directive instead of a full controller.

Directives can be written to handle small bits of functionality, where controllers group a bunch of actions together.

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thanks, yes i was thinking about that, i just wanted to be usre with the controller part, and thanks – Web Student Apr 7 '13 at 14:40

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