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I am editing .ml code under Emacs. My default mode is caml-mode.

I realize that Tab on a line or M-x indent-region on a region does not adjust the place of a comment, whereas tuareg-mode does so.

Doesn't caml-mode indent comments by nature? Is there anything I can do?

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A look at the source code reveals, that caml-mode does not indent comments at all. The root cause is in caml-compute-final-indent in caml.el:

(defun caml-compute-final-indent ()
     ((and (bolp) (looking-at comment-start-skip)) (current-column))
      (let ((closing (looking-at "\\*)"))
            (comment-mark (looking-at "\\*")))
        (looking-at comment-start-skip)
        (+ (current-column)
            (closing 1)
            (comment-mark 1)
            (t (- (match-end 0) (match-beginning 0)))))))
     (t (let* ((leading (looking-at caml-leading-kwops-regexp))
               (assoc-val (if leading (assoc (caml-match-string 0)
               (extra (if leading (symbol-value (nth 1 assoc-val)) 0))
               (prio (if leading (nth 2 assoc-val)
               (basic (caml-compute-basic-indent prio)))
          (max 0 (if extra (+ extra basic) (current-column))))))))

This function computes the indentation offset of the line at point. The first branch in the cond expression handles the beginning of a comment, and simply returns the original indentation offset unchanged.

To fix this, you would have to re-implement or advise caml-compute-final-indent. Probably—I am not sure and have not tested it— it is sufficient to copy the whole implementation to your init.el, and simply remove the first cond branch completely. In this case, indentation would be handled by the last branch, which computes the indentation offset for expressions. This may, or more likely may not work.

From what I have seen in the source code, I'd advise against caml-mode. The code is outdated, and does not follow many conventions mandatory for modern Emacs modes, nor does it use features provided by modern Emacs versions to deal with indentation. It is not really actively maintained, most recent changes are minor bugs, or formatting fixes. All major contributions happened at least five years ago.

Really use tuareg-mode, at best from MELPA which provides latest snapshot from the tuareg-mode SVN. The development of tuareg-mode is somewhat drowsy, too, but there are at least some major changes with the last two years.

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