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I have a php script which fetch data related to website name given as input.

Now what iam doing is a Ajax request to this php script ,Like this

function output(){
    $('div#output').html('<img src="img/spin.gif" alt="Processing..." />');

At the last of the web_worth.php i want to save output to a new file (like if input is it will be saved to and redirect the browser to

That much i have done using

file_put_contents("$site_name", ob_get_contents());

and for redirection part i have used Javascript at the end of the document.

<script language="javascript">
$(document).ready(function redirect() {
    window.location.replace("<?php echo $new_site_name; ?>");

This method works fine till the time i have no other java script invloved in my php script

Since my script include showing google map and other chart's , so as soon as i use them,redirection fails ..

Any help would be appreciated..

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format please.... – Jeremy Apr 7 '13 at 14:47
format?? Did not get it – rsdev8 Apr 7 '13 at 14:50

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