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I am using following code to display the contents of one of a remote website using Jquery/Ajax.
The code works great, the problem is when i do View-Source in Browser the actual contents are not diplayed. Just the Jquery code is displayed. So what i want to do is When i View-source in browser the actual content should be displayed as well keeping SEO in mind.

Is this possible ?

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
    $(document).ready(function() {
        var directoryName = 'anthropology';
            type: 'GET',
            url: "*'page'%5D%22",
            dataType: 'html',
            success: function(data) {
                $(data).find('a').attr('href', function(_, href) {
                return href.replace('', '')


<div id="space"><br /></div>
<div id="content_area">
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On which browser you are testing this?? – Aditya Singh Apr 7 '13 at 15:08
@wizkid, I believe it's the same behavior in all of them. – gdoron Apr 7 '13 at 15:09
@gdoron If you are using IE7/8, so the browser html doesn't refreshes itself in case dynamic html change, you need explicit refresh html content inside developer toolbar which is not the case with other browers(Chrome,FF) – Aditya Singh Apr 7 '13 at 15:11
FireFox i am testing I am not asking to change the Browser what i want to do is show the actual contents in Output (in Html codeE whatever that has been read ) – user580950 Apr 7 '13 at 15:14
Possible duplicate of… – Aditya Singh Apr 7 '13 at 15:27

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