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I'm trying to factor out my increasingly big single CoffeeScript file in my Meteor project, and have followed the official advice on scoping global variables using this. However, even something simple like:

console.log("this=" + this)
@gave =
  Transactions: new Meteor.Collection("Transactions")
  Causes: new Meteor.Collection("Causes")

Generates terminal errors and the server won't start:

=> Meteor server restarted

TypeError: Cannot set property 'gave' of undefined
    at app/gave.coffee.js:6:11

According to the advice linked above,

Global variables can be set in CoffeeScript by using this (or CoffeeScript's @ shorthand), because at the top level this refers to the global namespace (window on the client and global on the server).

So, I can't really figure out where I'm going wrong. Can you? :)

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Ok, it seems to be working now. I randomly tried deleting the "use strict" line at the top of the file. Does anyone know why that would make a difference? –  pipedreambomb Apr 7 '13 at 16:09
I submitted a fix. It's been accepted and merged into the Meteor "devel" branch, and so will probably appear in the next release. (github.com/meteor/meteor/pull/933) –  Andrew Wilcox Apr 15 '13 at 19:26
It is! :) I just read an email for 0.6.2, the last change listed was "* You can now set global variables in CoffeeScript files when using use strict." –  pipedreambomb Apr 19 '13 at 17:51
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See ES5 -

NOTE The thisArg value is passed without modification as the this value. This is a change from Edition 3, where a undefined or null thisArg is replaced with the global object and ToObject is applied to all other values and that result is passed as the this value.

So, with the "use strict", meteor's .call(null) will effectively give you a this == null =).

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So Meteor is incompatible is just plain incompatible with use strict? Seems unfortunate. –  pipedreambomb Apr 9 '13 at 10:59
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