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Hi I have a list of id values i.e. 1,2,3,4,5,6. When I store any of this values in to a session variable array. For example say we store 4 and 2 in the array

$_SESSION['value'] = array();
$_SESSION['value'][] = 4;
$_SESSION['value'][] = 2;
$_SESSION['value'][] = 6;

How can I check to if 2 is in the array and return true or false if its not in the array?

Thank you

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Any array can be checked for values with in_array :

if ( in_array(4, $_SESSION['value']) ) {
    //do something

in_array(needle, haystack_array)

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Its very easy to check that:

in_array($valueToCheck, $_SESION["value"])

Maybe it´s a good idea to check too if the array is setted in session:

function check($valueToCheck){
return ((isset($_SESSION["value"]) && is_array($_SESSION["value"]) && in_array($valueToCheck, $_SESION["value"]));
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