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I´ve got these two methods im using to find a customer. How can I remove the customer I´ve just found from the list? I´m using arrayList Heres my two methods:

public User findById(int id) 
    for (User u : list) 
        if (u.getCustomerID() == id) 
            return u;
    return null; // or empty User


public void findByID()
    int customer = Integer.parseInt(findCustomerField.getText());

    if(customer != 0)
        User user = list.findById(customer);
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How can I remove the customer I´ve just found from the list?

It's as simply as calling the remove method:


However, that will need to go through the list again to find the entry.

If you want a remove-by-ID method, you can do that with the iterator:

public bool removeById(int userId) {
    for (Iterator<User> iterator = list.iterator(); iterator.hasNext(); ) {
        if ( == id) {
            return true; // Found and removed
    return false; // Not found
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