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As design-pattern if i am correct we use strings ( normally called business logic status ) to convey the message between layers. But my problem is if a method return string then how to transfer other data objects . For this situation i am currently using http request object (which is global) to transfer data, which makes all the 3 layers dependent on presentation layer so it is not good.

Is there any other way to transfer data between layers?

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Passing messages around using strings is considered a bad idea (google "Stringly typed") and definitely not a design pattern. You should create proper objects and pass them between the layers.

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No, actually that is not my mean. I am using string like struts uses , where each string tells which page to be shown. I am not transferring any data using string , this string here is just as status of last method call like : device added, error occurred , already exist etc.. I am transferring data using request object (which is global) –  Lovin Apr 8 '13 at 17:07

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