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im trying to test iCloud on my app for debugging purposes.

I can't get it to run on my iPad, as I understand it the problem is that I have no ubiquity-kvstore-identifier in my entitlements file. But the entitlements dictionary in the .entitlements file have to match exactly the one in the provisioning profile (the one you see using the "security cms -D -i" command).

When I attempt to use the service I get the error:

NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore error: [bundle-id] has no valid com.apple.developer.ubiquity-kvstore-identifier entitlement

I have enabled iCloud for both my debugging provisioning profile and production in the provisioning profile manager (checked the box for iCloud that is).

I have removed the provisioning profiles in xcode and re-downloaded them (using the refresh function).

If I add the identifier manually to the .entitlements file it complains that the entitlements does not match the ones in the provisioning profile.

I don't get the error using simulator, but I guess it is because the simulator does not make the same certificate check as using an actual device?

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You can't test iCloud on simulator. You have test it actual device.

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