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I'm having trouble importing a resource file. I'm using pyqt4 with monkey studio and I am trying to import a png image. When I run the program I get an import error like

ImportError: No module named icon_rc

I know that I have to compile it using pyrcc4 but I don't understand how to do this can anybody help please. It would be very helpful to have an answer that fully explains how to compile the resource file so I can import it.

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There really isn't much to explain here, you have a resource file (e.g. icon.qrc), then you call pyrcc4 -o icon_rc.py icon.qrc which will create a module icon_rc.py which you then can import in your project.

It's all documented here.

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i just cant convert this qrc file into a py module. when i use the code in cmd pyrcc4 -o icon_rc.py icon.qrc it says pyrcc4: File does not exist 'icon.qrc' –  Ritchie Ramnial Apr 8 '13 at 12:38
And, does it exist in the directory wher you're running the command? –  mata Apr 8 '13 at 13:41
ah okay so i managed to compile it and import it into my project but it now throws up a new error! File "<string>", line 89, in <module> File "F:\computing\Payrollv22\icon_rc.py", line 300, in <module> qInitResources() File "F:\computing\Payrollv22\ritch_rc.py", line 295, in qInitResources QtCore.qRegisterResourceData(0x01, str(qt_resource_struct), str(qt_resource_name), str(qt_resource_data)) TypeError: qRegisterResourceData(int, str, str, str): argument 2 has unexpected type 'str' –  Ritchie Ramnial Apr 8 '13 at 14:29
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i managed to find out how to do it now. i went to cmd and typed this command.

pyrcc4 -py3 F:\computing\Payrollv22\icon.qrc -o icon_rc.py

it compiled the file successfully and it was able to import the py file to my project and run it with no problem, thank you for your help too.

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