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i want drag my stage with limit top, left, right, bottom with dragBounds but it's not working

var stage = new Kinetic.Stage({
    container: 'container',
    width: 578,
    height: 363,
    draggable: true,
    dragBoundFunc: function(pos) {
        var newY = pos.y < 50 ? 50 : pos.y;
        return {
          x: pos.x,
          y: newY
    dragBounds: { // it's not running
        top: 10,
        bottom: 300,
        left: 0,
        right: 500   

here is my code

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dragBounds is not in the current release of KineticJS...use dragBoundFunc

See an example here: Kineticjs dragBoundFunc for a rect in a rect

Here's a tutorial from the kineticJS site:

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+1 the dragBounds property was dropped in favor of dragBoundFunc, which enables limitless drag and drop behavior – Eric Rowell Apr 8 '13 at 4:56

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