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I am trying to show content on selecting the select tag. I am using change() function to do that but it is not really picking up the right content on change. Here is the fiddle


The html looks like this

<table id="formTable">
                    <td align="right">Investment cycle:</td>
                    <select class="selectOption">
                    <td align="right">Subsequent investments will occur on:</td>
                        <div id="changingArea">
                            <div class="descContent">Content A</div>
                            <div class="descContent">Content B</div>
                            <div class="descContent">Content C</div>

The jquery looks like this

$(function() {


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If you want to get the index of the selected option element, you can use selectedIndex property of DOM HTMLSelectElement object.

//  You can chain the methods


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perfect. Thanks for the solution –  soum Apr 7 '13 at 17:11

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