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I built my own android images from source which works without errors. Now I made some changes (mostly log messages) to core java files (in framework/base/services). I can now run 'mmm framework/base/services/java' to compile and update the services.jar. This seems to work without error. When I now start the emulator (created by the inital build process) the changes are not reflected in logcat.

Therefore I think the modified services.jar is not included in the system image used by the emulator.

Is it possible to update these images with some command? Do I have to completely rebuild everything or change the image manually?

For changing the image manually I found some tutorial here: Modifying .IMG Files

That is really much work for just changing one or two lines of code...

I also tried using the following:

$ adb remount
$ ./adb push ~/android/out/target/product/generic/system/framework/services.jar /system/framework/services.jar
failed to copy 
'/home/devusr/android/out/target/product/generic/system/framework/services.jar' to '/system/framework/services.jar': No space left on device

I think there is no space left because it is a fixed emulator image...

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I once had the same problem, if i got your question correctly. Try using

mmm framework/base/services/java

Use make on the top android source folder to recreate the system images and install all relevant files. Don't worry normally it won't rebuild everything.

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