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I make a lot of bugfix and feature branches and in the end merge them all into a release candidate (rc). but when i test the rc I am not sure if i have merged in all the branches. How can I find out which branches are missing?

I tried gitk, but it seems it shows only the branches that are already merged in the branch that I am on. But I am interested in the branches that are not merged.

There is a nice display of all the branches at github ("network"), but it is always behind, so it is not as useful as it could be.

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Use gitk --all to see all branches. Also, if you're on Windows, I'd recommend QGit instead of gitk. It has a better rendering algorithm of the commits graph.

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Take a look at git cherry (not to be confused with git cherry-pick).

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git branch --no-merged

is a clean way of showing the list of branches which need to be merged to the current branch.

"How to get the changes on a branch in git" references a nice script to format the result of that command.

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