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Is it possible to to do the following:

Terminal1: vim f1.txt
su someuser
Terminal2: vim f2.txt

I want to copy text from f1 in Termial1 as user A to f2 in Terminal2 as user someuser. I am using system buffer using "+y "+p commands it works great if I am with the same user.

Please help!

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I just tried this without issue. The only difference is that I used "+gP instead of "+p.
Also, gave it a whirl in gvim without problem using point/click edit > copy and edit > paste.

So, maybe try "+gP or gvim?

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I don't use gvim... I wonder if there is solution using "+y and "+p? –  Flow Apr 7 '13 at 18:55
"+gP isn't a gvim specific command. See :help gP, :help p, :help P for differences. It is really just cursor placement. So, yes "+y "+p work fine too...I'm doing it from visual mode (Shift-V for line select, for example) and it works fine using gnome terminal. Maybe the "+y or "+p have been remapped or not making it to your registry somehow, but it should work fine for you. –  John S. Apr 7 '13 at 19:18

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