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I'd like my printf function to write the output to a file like this:

name      age      gpa

Instead, it's written like this:


Here's my code, all help is greatly appreciated.

printf FILE "%-0.25s %3s %4s\n", @get_name, @get_age, @get_gpa;
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Your values probably contain newlines. Use chomp to remove them. Also, it is safer to use scalar values, not arrays, as parameters to printf - otherwise, if there is more than one value in @get_name, @get_gpa will not get printed:

chomp for $get_name[0], $get_age[0], $get_gpa[0];
printf FILE "%-0.25s %3s %4s\n", $get_name[0], $get_age[0], $get_gpa[0];
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Thank you choroba! –  user1739860 Apr 7 '13 at 18:08

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