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I use Scala + Lift Web Framework + MongoDB for a bunch of applications. In some instances, I need to respond with a JSON error message to the client making the request to display an internationalized error message.

An error message will generally be a simple JSON:

val errorMessage = ("error" -> "some error message");

This message would then be served via net.liftweb.rest.RestHelper with yield requestParam: JValue. I use for comprehensions to check for errors and return these JValues.

What is the best practice to store these messages in Scala(with internationalization in mind)?

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well, doesn't the principle "let the developer decide" apply? I mean, AFAIK, there is no central way to do that. Do any way you want. For example, (S ? "error") -> (S ? "my.error.reason123")

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Why? I think I answered... You can do any way you want. The most popular I've seen is to use Lift's internationalization through S. So, as I said, (S ? "my.custom.error"). And actual translations are stored, for example, in src/main/webapp/templates-hidden/_resources_pl.html (for polish) –  Vasya Novikov Apr 8 '13 at 14:11

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