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I have to read a png file(in binary) and i have to get out height and width of the picture(starting as 17 and long 8bytes together).

i tried

FILE* picture = fopen("test.png","rb");
fseek(picture, 16 , SEEK_SET);

int counter = 0;
while(counter < 8){
    fscanf(picture, "%d", temp[counter]);

but no luck

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You should never read binary files using the file-library, but rather the system-calls read and write.

void* buf = malloc(1024);

int picturefd = open("test.png",O_RDONLY);
lseek(picturefd, 16 , SEEK_SET);

if(read(picturefd, buf, 8) < 8){
//failed to read or eof reached

See here for read and here for lseek.

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