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I've updated to 0.6.0 but would like to run my project in 0.5.8. So when I run:

meteor --release 0.5.8

it returns

0.5.8: unknown release.

What is the correct format for targeting a specific release?

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You would need to use a meteorite to use older versions : https://github.com/oortcloud/meteorite. For the moment --release can't target older versions of meteor to 0.6.0.

Install meteorite via

npm install -g meteorite

Then in your project run mrt so that it allows meteorite to localize the project to one version of meteor.

You will notice meteorite has created a smart.json in your project. Edit the smart.json it creates to something like

    "meteor": {
    "tag": "v0.5.8"

Then just run mrt to get it running meteor version 0.5.8. Only that project would be affected. So your other projects can still run 0.6.0

Of note is meteorite is also very helpful. It allows you to use the packages over at http://atmosphere.meteor.com/ in your project.

Update: To use versions above 0.6.0 on your meteor use --release. e.g

meteor --release 0.6.1
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Excellent, thanks! –  user1934853 Apr 8 '13 at 0:30

For meteor releases above 6.0.0 you can add the --release tag to any meteor command:

meteor create test --release 0.6.0

Meteorite can easily pull down earlier releases:

mrt create test --tag v0.5.9

The result is a smart.json file that will install the previous meteor version when you run mrt. You could also manually edit the smart.json file:

  "meteor": {
    "git": "https://github.com/meteor/meteor.git",
    "tag": "v0.5.9"
  "packages": {}
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Unfortunately, you can't target any release prior to 0.6.0, this feature is only going to help when the next releases of Meteor come out.

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