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I would like change the table width to 100% if the width value defined in pixels.

I mean if the table width look like width="500" or width="500px" , then I would like replace it with 100%.

I mean like this width="100%".

Can someone help me with preg_replace.

$content = 'holds all my html content';
$replace = '100%';

Can someone help me with the $pattern?

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I would suggest not using preg_replace, and give an example using the DOM

$dom = new DOMDocument();

foreach ($dom->getElementsByTagName('table') as $item) {
    if(strpos($item->getAttribute('width'), '%') === false) {
        $item->setAttribute('width', '100%');
$content = $dom->saveHTML();

If you want to replace all table's to have a width of 100%, remove the if clause. Currently, it checks to make sure the width isn't percentage based.


Just in case you don't want nicely formatted HTML, you can get the body content without the body tags by changing:

$content = $dom->saveHTML();


$content = substr($dom->saveXml($body->item(0)), 6, -7);

So if you have

$content = '<table width="600px"><td>Stuff</td></table><table width="50%"><td>Stuff</td></table>';

You'll end up with:

<table width="100%"><td>Stuff</td></table><table width="50%"><td>Stuff</td></table>
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$string = '<table width=" 600 px "></table>' ;
$pattern = '/width=["\']\s*\d+\s*(px|%)\s*["\']/' ;
$own_style = 'width="100%"' ;
$new = preg_replace($pattern, $own_style, $string) ;

This can help you, but in case if there is no more width attributes in your HTML content. Otherwise, if any other elements have with attribute, their width will be set to 100%

So, generally it is a bad practice to use REGEXP for handling HTML.

You should use DOM: http://php.net/manual/en/book.dom.php

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