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We have a requirement to display some message if the documents list in the below data structure is NOT empty.

      "id:" 1,
      "documents": [
             "name": "2353626.jpg",
             "type": "image"

Initially we thought of adding a flag in the JSON and tried to render the mustache template. But we would like to avoid this as we feel that we are polluting our API response for the UI.

    "hasDocuments": true

Approach 1:

We were trying to display a message based on the 0th element

       Documents available
       Documents missing

This works well in mustache.js but we need to use an extension for to make it work @

Approach 2:

We were trying to access empty method

       Documents available

Unfortunately this is NOT supported in mustache.js but works well in

We are planning to go with 0th element approach. Is there a better way to identify whether a list is NOT empty?

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did you try with {{#documents.length}}? – gonchuki Apr 10 '13 at 17:27

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