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image : http://www.whitedesing.com/images/Why.png

guys im using a software called "Xna 4.0"

i draw a sprite on photoshop and original resolution is 1897 x 2664 300dpi.. im using a command for software, which it is scaling down my sprite.

spriteBatch.Begin(SpriteSortMode.Immediate, null, null, null, null, null, Matrix.CreateScale(.04f, .04f, 1f));
spriteBatch.Draw(_ship, _shipRect,null, Color.White, 0, new Vector2(0,0), SpriteEffects.None, 1);

but i cant get a chrisp sprites on Xna.. i can even get a nice look on my windows folder :D (u can see on the picture) is there any option to change that thing on Xna ? sorry for my bad engilish..

Thanks for advices.

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You can specify the SamplerState that should be used for texture filtering when you call SpriteBatch.Begin.

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