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while(huffmanFile.peek() != EOF)
    cin >> letters[c] >> numbers[c];


Input File: A 23 B 35 C 47 D 0 E 12 F 11 G 92 H 18 I 17

I try to output c from my main function after executing this and it will not get out of the while loop. I have tried debugging with no avail. I have compared this to numerous other programs I have written and am still having no luck.

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You can move your cin part to the loop condition and get rid of what's currently there (and make sure it's the right stream). – chris Apr 7 '13 at 21:07
Two different streams are being used: huffmanFile and cin. huffmanFile is never read from so EOF will never be reached. – hmjd Apr 7 '13 at 21:07
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Assuming huffmanFile is an istream object type, you may try using this variant:

while (huffmanFile >> letters[c] >> numbers[c]) {

Explanation: The istream::operator >> sets its internal flag called eofbit if the end of a stream has been reached. It also returns *this, allowing us to perform sequence of readings like cin >> a >> b >> c. After that, an istream object is being tested by while clause, i.e. the internal bool operator() is called, which in turn returns true if the eofbit flag has been set, false otherwise.

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At last the correct answer. – john Apr 7 '13 at 21:11

cin is the standard input stream, it usually takes input from the keyboard. You need to read your input from the file instead.

The loop never terminates because the file read position is never getting advanced.

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