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I want to share referral url from my site via Twitter/Facebook share buttons. I have customized share buttons.
I am able to share referral url on these two sites but because target=_blank, facebook's Share Link and Twitter's Tweet page appears on a new tab.
I want then in an iFrame so that user won't leave my website while sharing referral links.

Facebook Share Code

<a title="send to Facebook"

Twitter Share Code

<a href="#" id="shareWithTwitter" onclick="shareWithTwitter()">
                  <img class="social-share"  src="<?php echo site_url('img/twitter.png'); ?>"/>
function shareWithTwitter()
    var url = 'https://twitter.com/home?status=Join Fashion on '+$('#referal-URL').val();
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All you have to do is adding a name attribute to the iframe and target your link to it.

<iframe name="iframeName" style="iframe style"></iframe>
<a href="YOUR LINK" target="iframeName">link </a>

open link in iframe

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