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How can I use an image that whenever I want to make a collision in XNA, it happens only for area of the shape not around of it.

For example when I use below picture, I want collision detection happens only when arrow in shape is touched.

example image

The collision detection happens in the area in this picture

hit box

How can I make limitation for area of image only?

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What you can do is also to create two rectangles. That makes the overlapping area (the area there the image isn't but the rectangle) a bit smaller. But if you need to do this pixel excact you have to use the recource-expensive per-pixel-collision.

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You shouldn't try restricting the image shape, because regardless of your efforts - you will have a rectangle. What you need to do is work with detecting pixel collisions. It is a fairly extensive topic - you can read more about a Windows Phone-specific XNA implementation here.

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