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Alright, I have never had this issue before, and I find it really strange. I'm trying to read input from a file for this patient triage program. The first three calls to those methods work, however when I call fileRead.nextInt() it blows up and gives me an InputMismatchException. The lines I am reading go a little like this: and I am quite sure the delimiters I am using are correct. It doesn't matter if I remove the cast to char and try to do it as int, it just won't work. Why? I've done a program similar to this one and three times (to get the three tokens on the line) worked perfectly.

void loadPatientData() throws FileNotFoundException
    Patient person = null;
    Scanner fileRead = makeAFile(patient);

    while (fileRead.hasNext())
        //person = new Patient(, fileRead.nextBoolean(), fileRead.nextBoolean(), (char)fileRead.nextInt());
        String name =;
        boolean bob = fileRead.nextBoolean();
        boolean joe = fileRead.nextBoolean();
        int queue = fileRead.nextInt(); //hell breaks loose
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Why don't you want to read all the values as strings with and then convert them into formats you need? – Bfcm Apr 7 '13 at 22:50
At least for diagnostic purposes, try @Bfcm's suggestion and see if it still throws an exception. – drewmoore Apr 7 '13 at 22:53
use hasNextInt() for checking if the next token is an int or not, before calling nextInt(). – Upasana Apr 7 '13 at 22:54

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Seeing that you're on windows and your text file displays correctly in notepad.exe, I'm going to assume that your file actually uses \r\n as newline, instead of just \n, which would explain the exception at nextInt().


static void loadPatientData()  {
    Scanner fileRead = new Scanner("John Doe;true;true;0\r\nJane Roe;false;true;2\r\n");
    fileRead.useDelimiter(";|\r\n"); // vs.:
//  fileRead.useDelimiter(";|\n");

    while (fileRead.hasNext()) {
        String name =;
        boolean bob = fileRead.nextBoolean();
        boolean joe = fileRead.nextBoolean();
        int queue = fileRead.nextInt(); //hell breaks loose

To cover all cases of newlines you just might want to use ";|\r\n|\n" as your delimiter.

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But that doesn't explain why it works for the first three lines (which goes through two of the \n without incident). – edwga Apr 7 '13 at 23:01
@edwga I believe "The first three calls to those methods work" is referring to the three next[Boolean]() calls before nextInt(), successfully retrieving the first 3 tokens of the first line, not referring to the first 3 lines. After all, the loadPatientData() method is only supposed to be called once, anyway. – jkovacs Apr 7 '13 at 23:04
Yes, in the other program I had, simply using fileRead.useDelimiter(";|\n"); worked perfectly fine. Maybe it is because something other than next() is being called, although I am not positive. But thank you, this fixed the error perfectly. – Bombadil Apr 7 '13 at 23:06

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