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I'm new to android development and I am working on a little project. What I am having some issue with is getting access to preloaded files.

In my app, I have an XML file that I preloaded (I just simply put it in my src folder in a package). How do I access them in my classes? I need to get a File object pointing to this file so that I can use it as I would I/O files. It seems like this should be trivial, but alas I am stuck.

Lets say the file is located under: com.app.preloadedFiles/file1.XML

I've tried something along the lines of this, but have had no success:

URL dir_url = ClassLoader.getSystemResource("preloadedFiles/file1.XML");
FIle file = new File(dir_url.toURI());
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Do you necessarily need a File object, would an InputStream be sufficient if so rather than using the ClassLoader I would suggest using the the AssetManager provided for you in the android SDK. It's a simple class you use, you just need to create a folder called 'assets'. –  marcus.ramsden Apr 7 '13 at 23:10
I need it to be a File. I have a number of functions that deal with File objects and its associated operations, and it would be big hassle to update them for InputStreams. –  Tesla Apr 7 '13 at 23:25

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I solved this in my app by getting an InputStream to the file -- something like:

//read the data and store it in a variable

Then, if you truly need to do File related opterations with it, you can write it to a private (or public) directory and do your operations from you newly written file. Something like:

File storageDir = myContext.getDir(directoryName, Context.MODE_PRIVATE);
File myFile = new File(storageDir + File.separator + fileName);
//then, write the data to the file and manipulate it -- store the name for access via File later
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