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I have some source files in a subdirectory:

$ ls subdir
foo.x bar.x other_file

Now I want to create a rule like

subdir/%.y: subdir/%.x
        cmd $< -a option -o $@

just that cmd needs the working directory set to subdir.

I want something that if subdir/bar.y is required it is generated like

cd subdir && cmd bar.x -a option -o bar.y

Is there for example a way to say $< and $@ but without the leading subdir/?

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If you're using GNU make, you can use $(notdir $<) and $(notdir $@) to get the filenames without a directory. And you can use $(dir $@) to get the directory part:

subdir/%.y: subdir/%.x
        cd $(dir $@) && cmd $(notdir $<) -a option -o $(notdir $@)

Or hardcode subdir, if you prefer.

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You can use the F or D suffix for the file and directory part respectively.

subdir/%.y: subdir/%.x
    cd $(@D) && cmd $(<F) -a option -o $(@F)

See the manual for details.

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What about using $(patsubst) ?

subdir/%.y: subdir/%.x
        cd subdir && cmd $(patsubst subdir/%,%,$<) -a option -o $(patsubst subdir/%,%,$@)

Or, the equivalent but simpler:

subdir/%.y: subdir/%.x
        cd subdir && cmd $(<:subdir/%=%) -a option -o $(@:subdir/%=%)
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