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What windows C IDE can I use that will use gcc to compile and let me insert breakpoints just like Visual Studio would for C#?

I have searched Google and cannot find anything more recent that 2005.

I'm just getting back into C since graduating and would like a non MS IDE that uses GCC, but that's a versatile as Visual Studio.

The thought of having to use GDB command line is not too appealing right now.

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I successfully used Eclipse with C/C++ plugin. Matter of fact I prefer it to VS. You can download it from here it's a real beaut. If you do JNI it's simply indispensable since you can setup your project to do both C/C++ and Java

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Dev-C++ GPL license Uses GCC

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Code::Blocks is another free C++ IDE for Windows/Linux/MacOSX. GPL3 license.

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I highly recommend Insight Debugger that is a lightweight Tk frontend to GDB by RedHat.

It adds a convenient GUI to call stack display, breakpoints, watches and memory display (non exhaustive list).

As it is in Tk, it both supports GNU/Linux and Windows (and probably MacOS X). For MinGW users, there is even a MinGW package to install it.

Once installed, you just add the -w setting to the command line to start the GUI: gdb -w

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you could found it on the "development" menu.

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