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I have a webapp for commercial property management that needs spreadsheet like functionality. We need the spreadsheet like functionality for doing budgets. I don't want to use Google spreadsheet because my users won't necessarily have a Google account.

So is there anything out there that I could use? I looked and could only find SocialCalc which wasn't quite good enough for me.


  • ExtJS Grid Component (Open Source[GPL3] & Commercial License)
  • Infragistics Grid Component (Commercial License)
  • TreeGrid (Commercial License, Free Version has maximum of 33 rows)
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    If you don't mind implementing the logic yourself, the ExtJS grid component is a JavaScript grid component with lots of powerful features, and it is available in both open-source and commercial versions.

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    I have used dhtmlXGrid successfully. There is an open source version that you can use freely to get your application developed. Assuming everything works out, for $200 you can purchase a license for it and distribute it with your application.

    Very easy to use; create an HTML table structure with your data in it and then bind dhtmlXGrid to the table - it automatically turns the table cells into editable fields.

    Check it out here: http://www.dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxGrid

    Again, you will need to implement the spreadsheet logic yourself but dhtmlXGrid makes it straightforward to translate that into an editable column/row display.

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    There is an excellent grid from Farpoint

    They have web and win forms grids available and are not too bad price wise

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    Infragistics has spreadsheet-type functionality in their data grid product

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    You may want to give a try to treegrid @ www.coqsoft.com .

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    try telerik radgrid. It is a pretty decent .net user control which can easily render an XML datasource for user editting. Its also fully Ajax enabled to avoid delays when entering volumes of data.

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