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I am receiving an incompatible types error as follows:

error: incompatible types when assigning to type ‘struct cache *’ from type ‘cache’

I have the following structures.

typedef struct __region {
int size;
void *addr;
struct __region *next;
} region;

typedef struct {
int size;
int remainingSpace;
void *addr;
char *bitmap;
struct cache *parent;
struct slab *next;
} slab;

typedef struct {
int alloc_unit;
int slab_counter;
slab *S;
} cache;

typedef struct {
region *R;
cache C[8];
} memory;

The code I run which receives the error is:

memory M;
M.C[0].S->parent = M.C[0];
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Those double underscores aren't good for keeping out name clashes. –  chris Apr 8 '13 at 1:06

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You are passing the variable itself not its address. To pass its address, you need to use the address of (&) operator :

M.C[0].S->parent = &(M.C[0]);

See this for more.

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parent is a pointer to a struct cache, while M.C[0] is a struct cache. You can use the & operator to get a pointer to M.C[0] as so:

M.C[0].S->parent = &(M.C[0]);
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