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I have a dialog with a

<ul id="suggestions0">
    <li id="suggestion0-0" class="suggestion">BLO</li>
    <li id="suggestion0-1" class="suggestion">BLU</li>
    <li id="suggestion0-2" class="suggestion">BLL</li>
    <li id="suggestion0-3" class="suggestion">BOO</li>
    <li id="suggestion0-4" class="suggestion">CLA</li>

that I want to replace the content dynamically.

I change to ul content with this

        $("#suggestions0").html("<li id='test0-1' class='suggestion'>BLO</li><li id='test0-2' class='suggestion'>BLO</li><li id='test0-3' class='suggestion'>BLO</li><li id='test0-4' class='suggestion'>BLO</li><li id='test0-5' class='suggestion'>BLO</li><li id='test0-6' class='suggestion'>BLO</li>");

What I want is when I click on one of these word, I want to do something, suppose an alert.

I try to do this

$(".suggestion").on("click", function() {

but the alert never appear.

here a sample that show the problem

in the sample, if you click on OK, it doesn't change to content, so if you click on a LI, it will works, but if you click on NOTOK, the events won't be received.

I'm using jQuery 1.7+, the live api is deprecated, or removed, it the APi suggest to use on().

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.on('click', ... is the same as .click(.... – Blender Apr 8 '13 at 2:08
you have a js error on the fiddle – Huangism Apr 8 '13 at 2:10
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You are not using on correctly. live is used to bind event handlers to the document to listen for events that bubble up from a specific selector, but by calling on explicitly on .suggestion, you will only attach the listeners to existing suggestions. So you need to use on to bind on an element that will always exist, and pass a selector to pick out the elements that get created dynamically.

// With live like this:
$('.suggestion').live('click', ...

// Is equivalent to this:
$(document).on('click', '.suggestion', ...

// Not this:
$('.suggestion').on('click', ...

In your case, rather than basing on off document, you can use your ul.

$("#suggestions0").on('click', '.suggestion', function(){
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I found a solution, not sure that is the best one, but seems to work.

$("#suggestions").on("click","li", function() {
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The script below only bind click event to DOMs current exist in the page.

$(".suggestion").on("click", function() {

To bind click event to all DOMs that are and will be created in the page. Bind the event to the document instead.

$(document).on("click", ".suggestion", function() {

See fiddler for codes.

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Pass a selector to on() and it works like the old live():

$("#suggestions0").on("click", ".suggestion", function () { alert(; });

See updated fiddle:

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suggestions is not a class but an id thus it should not be

$(".suggestion").on("click", function() {

But like this

$("#suggestion").on("click", function() {

That is, instead of a dot you prefix it with a pound sign #.

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