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I've long wanted to integrate various features into the products that I build that allow one to listen to a and purchase a piece of music, while earning a commission on the sale. So far, I've come up empty handed in finding such a thing. Amazon MP3 doesn't seem to offer a listening API, YouTube doesn't offer a purchase API, iTunes doesn't seem to have any API, etc.

In a specific example, writers on RolePlayGateway often associate theme songs with their characters or pivotal moments in story. Readers should be able to click a single button to play the full song while they read the post, and have the ability to purchase the track for their own library. Ideally, commission would be awarded for such purchases.

What API is ideal for easy search, play, and purchase of music?

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I'm afraid that, as I've always held myself to a strict mantra of never directly charging (See: Ad/Donation revenue only) for my music, I'm poorly qualified to answer this question. Regardless, I'll try to answer anyway.

However, some other artists in the various groups I'm in have recommended to me in the past. Upon investigating this site I found that you can upload and listen to songs via this site, and when uploading there is a field for a "buy link".

What I gather from this is that you can simply paste a link into a more purchasing focused site like Amazon MP3. I understand that the solution is not ideal, and that the ideal solution is if one website allows you to do both, but I was unable to find a more conclusive answer.

The good news is that Soundcloud is fairly well-optimized for acting as a widget, and I wouldnt imagine it would be hard to integrate a soundcloud player into a site.

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Thanks, this is great feedback! I'll look into Soundcloud's API a bit further. – martindale Apr 8 '13 at 3:36

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