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I am trying to read a column of a flowfield snapshot (uvw stacked, ~24k of them) and assemble multiple snapshots (which are saved into a individual .dat files, as seen in the code posted) into a matrix (columns are velocities at timesteps, i=1 first timestep, ect) for use in SVD/POD. I followed some tutorials on here and got the formatting down (I think) but now am stuck as I am getting this sigsegv error. Any input is much appreciated. Thanks!

       program matrix2       
!      Creates rectangular matrix by adding columns of individual
!      Timesteps for use in Singular Value Decomposition (in MatLAB)

!      Allocate
       double precision, dimension(:,:), allocatable :: POD
       integer, parameter :: tend = 700
       integer, parameter :: length = 23925
       character(:), allocatable :: fn, fm
       integer :: it, idt
       character(len=5) :: t, dt
       character(len=10) :: fmt
       character(len=40) :: fmm

!      Create format discriptors
       fmt = '(i5.5)'
       fmm = '(a19,i5.5,a4)'

!      Create data file to save matrix
       fn = 'POD_Data_Matrix.dat'

!      Loop to open column files and write data
       do j = 1,tend

!      Open corresponding column file, add to POD matrix
!      and close every timestep column
!      Convert integer to string using internal file
         write(t,fmt) it
         write(dt,fmt) idt
         fm = 'U-Matrix-Column-Eq-'//trim(t)//'.dat'
         do i = 0,length
           read (11,*) POD(j,i)
         it = it + idt

!      Write and close final POD matrix
       write(1,*) POD(j,i)

!      Deallocate
!       deallocate(POD)
!       deallocate(fn,fm)
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The use of allocatable deferred length character means that your code requires Fortran 2003. The code uses many other language features that require Fortran 90+. Not much Fortran 77 here! –  IanH Apr 8 '13 at 4:29

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POD is declared to be an allocatable, but it is never allocated prior to the attempted definition in the READ statement. Perhaps you forgot to allocate it with something like ALLOCATE(POD(tend,length)) prior to the reading loops?

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