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I have a directory /dirA in which I maintain a bunch of files. They are version controlled by SVN. Now a subset of these files are copied into multiple other directories (/dirB, /dirC /dirD, etc)

Whenever I make any changes to files in /dirA, I have to manually copy the changes in /dirB, /dirC /dirD.

I tried doing a SVN checkout of these file in /dirB, /dirC /dirD. But SVN doesn't let me checkout specific files.

I seek help in resolving this issue

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the 'how' of this is easy... the 'why' is the question you should be asking. – thekbb Apr 8 '13 at 14:07

Check out SVN Externals.

You can add the Dir-A's subset files / folders as extern to other directories

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svn:externals property can help you to implement the desired solution. Check svn:externals in SVNBook and TortoiseSVN Manual.

BTW you can use svn export to get a file from a repository.

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