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I want to share a code base between multiple client websites, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to do it.

In my code base I want to have;

  • Wordpress Core
  • Some Essential Wordpress Plugins
  • A Base Wordpress Theme

For each individual website I'll have;

  • Wordpress Configurations
  • Site specific collection of Plugins
  • Wordpress Child Theme
  • WP Database
  • User Media Uploads
  • Possible modifications to code base

I'd like to be able to update Wordpress, or plugins or themes in the code base, and then push that update out from there to all of my highly customized client sites.

Is that realistic, or would I run the risk of too many conflicts or broken sites everytime I update the base? Is it better to just forget about updating individual sites with changes to the base?

If it is realistic, what is the best way to go about it? What's the best way to structure git repositories to do this? Should I use git submodules and break it all up into individual repos with my code carefully organized and my updates carefully kept separated into those submodules, or can I just keep everything in one repo? Should I set up certain folders and files to ignore? Should I only update things by pulling from a git repo, or can I update from the Wordpress dashboard and then push those changes? Should I be creating a branch for each individual site, cloning the base for each site, or something else?

I've used git submodules before, which seems that it may be the solution I'm looking for, but the problem I've always run into is that some of the plugins I'm using aren't available as a git repo, but I still want to update them when a new release comes out. Should I just add those as raw code to the parent repo, or should I gitignore those directories, or is there another way to deal with it?

(I realize there are tons of questions that have already been asked about this kind of stuff that I can search for. I'm not posting here because there is a lack of information (I've spent hundreds of hours reading about this) but because I want some expert opinions from experienced programmers.)

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A version control system is not a tool for dependency tracking, nor for distribution. –  William Pursell Apr 8 '13 at 12:46